How often should I use CPAP Soap™ products?

You should follow CPAP manufacturer guidelines for washing all equipment.

Can I use my FSA or HSA card to purchase CPAP Soap™?

Yes, CPAP Soap™ products are FSA and HSA Approved with Code 9274.

Is CPAP Soap FDA approved?

CPAP Soap™ follows FDA approved processes set forth by the manufacturer for daily recommended cleaning.

Is CPAP Soap™ non-allergenic?

Yes, it is non-allergenic, as well as SLS and alcohol free.

Is there any CPAP equipment that can't be washed using CPAP Soap™?

N20 and F20 memory foam masks. Bubble Pad only per manufacturer's recommended cleaning guidelines. Always check manufacturer's cleaning instructions before using.

100% Made in the USA

CPAP Soap™ follows FDA cleared processes set forth by manufacturers for daily  recommended cleaning.